Our Spanish Programs include a dynamic, interesting and fun leisure program that is complementary to the process of learning the Spanish language. All activities are directed towards socializing in a learning environment and increasing the student's knowledge of the Argentine Culture. Learning a language is always best when you can then put it into practice. Our workshops enhance each student’s learning by offering further cultural stimulation in the arts, cooking and educational complementary courses. There is no better way to uncover hidden talents, and broaden your mind to what Argentina and the city of Buenos Aires has to offer.

Cultural Workshops

Our Spanish school offers the following Cultural Workshops with local teachers that can be booked (for an additional payment) in blocks of separate hours. There is a minimum time of 2 hours that can be taken during the week or during the weekend. If several students are interested in the same course, there are wonderful discount options to suit each individual’s needs. These workshops are a great opportunity to learn about real Argentine traditional culture and most importantly, to have fun while doing it all!

Argentine Music

Orquesta In this workshop we include different options all conducive for learning Argentine folklore, tango, Andean music, chacarera and chamame. Various instruments will be provided, including: guitar, percussions, quena (a traditional Andean instrument) and other native instruments.

Students will learn about the influence of European music into the indigenous culture and further understand how Argentine music came to be such as it is today.

The great thing about this workshop is that there is no need to have experience playing an instrument nor the ability to read music. You will learn quickly how to play a few well-known songs and appreciate the culture even more by partaking in some of its customs and traditions. Music lovers will have a ball in this class and take home further knowledge that they can pass on to their friends and families.

This is a "must" for people who are interested in Argentine folklore!

Argentine Cooking

Argentine For people who want to learn more about traditional Argentine cuisine, our cooking class is the right place for you! There is one free cooking class included in the Student Activities, but you don’t stop there. Learn about the local delicacies and endless influences in Argentine cuisine originating from Italy, Spain, and France paired with the fusion from the native peoples of the Quechua, Mapuche, and Guarani. Also indulge in the well-known preparation of grilled meats from Argentina and learn all of the ins and outs of the local Argentine cuisine. What a great way to prepare for those fun dinner parties you will want to have when you get back home and invite all of your friends and family over to share your adventurous stories! Argentine Cooking is a fantastic class for those interested in the culinary arts and want to further indulge their tastes in local cuisine.

Argentine Dance

tango Argentina is famous for its vibrant Tango scene. The Tango, known throughout all parts of the city, originated in bars and port areas of Buenos Aires where influence from the immigrating Europeans into the country played a great role in its evolution. As a result the tango today has influences from old Milonga songs (songs of the rural gauchos), Habanera (Cuban music), Polka and Mazurka (Slavic music), Contradanse (Spanish music), Flamenco (from Andalucia), as well as Italian folk music. All of these influences create a fun and exciting mix of sounds and rhythms that make the Tango a dance to be known. The Tango is not only known as the dance of Buenos Aires, but it is also an art that can be mastered by each individual. Take part in the dance and learn the steps that became the heart of the nation.

Free Complementary Cultural Courses

Spanish Lessons Our Complementary Courses are fun and informative classes – free included in all Spanish lessons - that will help you understand more about the many cultural dimensions of Buenos Aires. All of these courses are taught by knowledgeable locals and teachers and open you up to up to the interesting and cultural world of Buenos Aires. Listen to historical stories, ponder over South American philosophies or learn about the best way to get around in the local Spanish. Here is a list of some of our complementary courses that will get you started in your cultural journey:

- Evita: The Story of Eva Peron
Who is this enchanting woman that is known throughout all of Argentina? What influence did she have on her beloved country? Learn about this historical figure and how she came to shape the nation of Argentina.

- The History of the Tango
The Tango is the enchanting dance known throughout all of Buenos Aires. How did it originate though? What role did the common people have on this dance that is now known throughout the world? Learn about the history of Tango and its many European influences.

- Architecture in Buenos Aires
Ever wonder why Buenos Aires is referred to as the "Paris of South America"? The architecture is definitely a reason that you may question if you are in South America or walking through the streets over in Europe. This class will teach you about the architecture and its history given you further appreciation as you gaze at the beautiful buildings throughout the city.

- Immigration in Buenos Aires
With so many European impressions made on the city of Buenos Aires, it is no surprise that the city is full of many immigrants from around the world. Understand the development of immigration in Argentina and how it has affected the country and the city as it is today.

- Argentineans and their mate
Many Argentineans can be seen walking around the streets with some sort of weird drink contraption. What is this tea that they drink and why? Learn about this very distinct cultural tradition and its importance to the people.

- Slang and expressions in BA
Spoken Spanish in Argentina is different than Spanish used anywhere else throughout the world. With expressions and accents that even Spaniards may have a hard time understanding, this class dives into the slang and the words known throughout the city. Learn to speak like a local!

- Famous Argentine Writers
For avid readers and those looking to expand their book collection, this class discusses the famous Argentine Writers and the classics that have been passed down over time. Expand your cultural knowledge about Argentina’s most famous writers.

- The Mother's Day March
If you have ever wondered why you still see women marching around the Plaza de Mayo with signs of the disappeared, then this class will enlighten you to the story of these women and why they march for their children that disappeared so many years ago.
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