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Our school offers all kinds of excursions tailored to deepen our students' experiences of Buenos Aires and its beautiful surroundings. We are equipped to address each individual’s needs, such as booking bus and plane tickets and helping students plan their onward journeys, e.g. further up north, o further south, to Patogonia. Let us organize your free time while you are in your Spanish classes without having to worry about the prices and quality of all of the other agencies in Buenos Aires. We will handle it all!

Have you ever taken a tango class with students from different parts of the world? Did you ever visit colonial museums and architecture with your Argentine guest mother? What about a four-day trip to the neighboring provinces of Argentina? Buenos Aires and our school offer different leisure time activities so you can be rest assured that your stay in Buenos Aires will be a sparkling one. With all there is to offer, you will never be bored!

The City Tour

City Tour Take on the pulse of Buenos Aires with our city tour. Start in the historic area around the Plaza de Mayo and continue on to visit the infamous Obelisk and one of the most important Opera houses in the world, the Teatro Colon. Then spanning outward, explore the flavourful barrios of Buenos Aires: the colonial San Telmo, the colourful La Boca, the up-and-coming Puerto Madero and the fashionable Recoleta and Palermo. Walk around and get a preview of all of the exciting places that you will be experiencing as you spend time in this illustrious city. This tour will allow you to explore all of the ins and outs of this amazing gem of South America.

Tigre and the Parana Delta

Tigre and The Parana Delta Explore Tigre by heading up on the coastal train to the weekend getaway destination of the Porteños. From here, sail around the hundreds of islands that constitute the Parana river delta, an ecologically diverse and valuable reserve, at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata. If you head up north past the outside areas of Buenos Aires, you will find this quaint little spot called "El Tigre". Several rivers here flow into the Rio de la Plata, which is one of the world’s largest estuaries. So what is there to do in Tigre? Mucho! Take a walk around and gaze at the local Spanish homes that date back over 200 years or visit one of the nearby local casinos if you enjoy gambling here and there. There is a wonderful outdoor market, which will lure all of those who love to shop or venture out to some of the nearby restaurants and cafes that decorate this charming town. This is a great excursion for students to have a bit of relief from the hustle and bustle of the city life and see more of what the surrounding area of Buenos Aires has to offer.

The Estancia Tour

The Estancia Tour Head out to a working estancia, or ranch, for the day and witness firsthand the guacho culture. Take a ride out on the vast pampas, appreciate the riding and herding skills and, for lunch, enjoy a traditional country asado, or barbeque, over an open fire pit. This tour will give you an inside glance of the culture outside of the big city and into the everyday simplistic lives of the Argentine people. Be surrounded by nature and beauty as you learn about the techniques and skills for horseback riding and leather making. If you have ever watched and enjoyed an old country western, now is your chance to become a part of one. See how the real cowboys of the country work and live out in the lovely countryside of Argentina.

The Tango Show

The Tango Show Buenos Aires is exemplified by its homegrown tango: sumptuous, passionate and cultured. Over dinner and drinks, listen to a live band playing classic tangos and the singers crooning the melancholic songs of the King of Tango and Carlos Gardel. These mysterious settings set the mood for the suave music and the intriguing dance for all ages to enjoy. These Tango shows awaken you to the exciting nightlife and offer you the chance to witness the heart of Buenos Aires. The Tango is known all throughout the city with shows that will excite, thrill, and inspire you to take on the dance yourself. The city is more colorful with this illustrious dance as visitors will be entranced by this cultural experience that will stay with them forever.

The Glacier Perito Moreno

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