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Paloma de papel - 2003
(Paper Dove)

Paloma de papel
Duration : 120 mins.
Directed By : Frabrizio Aguilar
Cast :
- Ángel Josué Rojas Huaranga
- Anaís Padilla Abán
- Antonio Callirgos
- Jesús Rodrigo Carbajal Navarro
- Tatiana Astengo

Oficial Site : www.palomadepapel.com/
Sinopsis :
Who is this man of shabby and solitary aspect that comes towards the town, attracted by the voices and noises of the community? When they see him, surely few will remember him. He is already a man and his faced is marked with the unerasable ink of the suffering and injustice. Nevertheless, in his dull eyes, still lives that eleven year old mountain boy called Juan, son of Domitila and stepson of the cowardly Fermín. His short life found rest in the friendship of Pacho, the son of the mayor; Rosita, a small shepherd; and the old blacksmith who taught him to beat the iron and to make paper birds.
How he has gotten then to be who he is? For that it is necessary to remember the fatidic day in which the father of Pacho is assassinated and Juan discovers that Fermín, his stepfather, is a "terruco" (terrorist) informer and is implied in the crime. The paradoxical tragedy of knowing this, condemns him to being given to the terrorists by his stepfather, assuring his silence this way. From one day to another and without being asked, Juan militates in the rows of the terrorism, next to other children and adolescents like him, same in captive, trained to kill and to see death without blinking. He sees death dancing in the eyes of his small partners, and they demand him to get into this dance, to acquire skills in his macabre movements. Everything in Juan resists to accept it.

During the assault to a trimming they order him to kill a soldier, he completely refuses.
But an other hand, evil, ruthless, take his that is grasing a knife and sinks it in the chest of the militar, directly into the heart. Horrible contact with death, the blood that stains him persecutes his mind when he flees terrified towards the mountains.The fled has a destiny: his town. There are no obstacles, while he borders hills and snow-covered mountains his lungs oxygenate the intention to alert his countrymen that a terrorist incursion is approaching. Nobody believes him. They accuse him to be its decoy. The "ronderos" (popular vigilant system) underestimate the warning and neglect the watch. Domitila succeeded to hide Juan, but soon he is discovered.
On the arrival of the terrorist followers, a "popular judgment" is prepared. Pacho and Rosita observe how Juan and Domitila are dragged towards the main square, next to the authority and to his stepfather, accused all of treason. Desperation advises to the small friends that they must go and look for the farmer watchout, and in that task Pacho falls wounded. The rudimentary and unequal battle unleashes. The "ronderos" brandish harvest tools, sticks and homemade grenades, while the "terrucos" grasp their guns.
Although in the end,term, the farmers have won.
Injured and dead lie in the main square, Domitila and Fermín among them.
A chapter has been closed with blood and more pain wich begins with domestic abuse, and now, while Army truck heading towards to the city, another one begins, in prison.
Years later, pardoned, Juan is set free and returns to his town, where waits the traits of a childhood, eventhugth it wasn't a happy one; at least, like any other, it had memories and faces that you will always cherrish

There is the house of the old blacksmith, abandoned like his heart. The places where he ran and played with his friends, desolated, orphans. Then, shabby and solitary, comes towards the town, attracted by the voices and noises of the community.

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