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How is the political situation now in Argentina?

After a period of relative stability in the 1990s, Argentina has faced renewed economic turmoil as its recession deepened from 1998 to 2001. A period of intense political upheaval marked the country in late 2001 as the government resorted to desperate economic measures to turn the country around. Once a leading economy in the Americas, recent events in Argentina have left many wondering whether the country can reform its economy without undertaking fundamental reforms in the political realm as well.

With its currency pegged to the U.S. dollar from 1992 to 2002, Argentina's government was able to curb inflation. On the other hand, the policy made Argentine products relatively more expensive compared to those of its neighbors, which stunted growth in its export sector. The government has also incurred a high foreign debt and has failed to implement austerity measures. At the end of 2001, the government instituted severe currency controls, including strict limits on access to private bank accounts.

How safe is Argentina?

Argentina is a very interesting country to travel and explore. But it is located in South America, which is not the safest region in the world.

Buenos Aires is a safe city and local police keep it that way by actively patrolling all tourist areas. Violent crime is extremely rare and smaller towns in Argentina are even safer than Buenos Aires.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember there are a number of thieves who spend their time in tourist areas on the lookout for easy prey. Leave your valuables, passport and tickets in a safe at your hotel. And think!

The Buenos Aires barrio of La Boca has seen a number of thefts of valuables just a few blocks away from the famous street Caminito. Take special care when you are in this area.

Is Argentina safe for female travellers?

Argentina is a fairly safe country for women to travel in. Besides a few quick come-ons by the local men, women feel at ease exploring Buenos Aires and other areas of Argentina. It’s best not to wear too much expensive-looking jewellery and don’t walk around over- or under-dressed.

What type of electricity is there in Argentina?

220V, 50Hz. Argentina uses the European two prong and the Australian slanted plugs on most wall electrical outlets.

What is the time in Argentina?

Eastern Standard Time(EST) plus one or two hours; Argentina does not observe daylight-saving time.

How much money will I need during my stay?

Of course that is hard to say, it depends on what you have planned for your stay. In general excluding the excursions, tours and courses you are spending $25 a day for food and accommodation. The sales tax, known as IVA, is 21%. When reserving a hotel, that tax is sometimes not mentioned, so double-check the final price before you book. A hostel or a meal costs approximately 10 pesos. In most places, internet costs 1 peso. A city bus costs around 2.5 pesos and entrance to a national park costs 30 pesos. In clubs and bars, mixed drinks cost about USD 7 each, a soda costs USD 3 and club covers are between 10 and 30 USD.

Do I need a medical and travel insurance?

We do recommend you to take a medical and travel insurance in your home country.

Will I need vaccinations?

Argentina requires no vaccinations to enter the country. Health wise, Argentina is a relatively safe country to travel in.

Will I need a visa?

Most foreigners do not need visas and receive free renewable 90-day tourist stamps upon arrival.

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